About Arcade Resumes

Arcade Resumes is the leading executive resume writing service in Canada. Over the last 17 years, we have consistently helped professionals across the globe to achieve their dreams of career advancement by writing and rewriting their job-search documents: mainly resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. 

Today, our team of 12 Professional Resume Writers offers writing services to those either starting off their careers, those making career transitions, as well as those aspiring for higher positions in their current organizations or elsewhere. 

We are not just the best resume writers in Canada; we are experienced HR practitioners, too. We sit in interview panels and decide who should be hired, and who should not. We understand what employers look for in a candidate, and we help you present just that. From experience, we know that such level of precision cannot be achieved by use of online templates, or by taking other shortcuts. That's why we write each resume from scratch, as this is the only way we can re-engineer and optimize the document for success.

We deliver resumes that hit the nail on the head within the employer's first 10 seconds of reading the document. We illustrate to him the value that the candidate seeks to bring to the organization, and that's how 99% of our clients earn their seats at the job interview.

Through intelligent application of industry-specific keywords, we optimize each resume for online database search, too. This gives you a great advantage over the competition, as your resume will shoot up first when employers search for the right candidate within your profession.

So, whatever your resume and cover letter writing needs, contact us today for the best solution at the most affordable fee. 

Customer Reviews


Definitely Recommended!

"...I had a great experience working with Arcade Resumes! They wrote an amazing resume and cover letter for me at a very low price.... "

-Valeria Z. OR


Great Service, Very Affordable

"They are really fast and delivered a great resume. More value than I had expected for the amount that I paid."

- Abby Faith, London - Ontario


Excellent Service

"...These guys are brilliant, they delivered a neat resume tailored for the job. We were through in 3days!"

- JC Daniel, Hamilton - Ontario